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****UPDATES**** April 11: Stephanie Skinner To Fight April 26th // April 5: Cassie Robb Fight Announced // March 28: Carter Signs Strawweight Ashley Greenway



Director of Corporate Sponsorship
Sports Marketing 
Division Director Football
Division Director Olympics
Athlete/Coach Agent Advisor Softball, Football, Combat Sports (MMA), Combat Sports (Boxing), Entertainment
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1D:0D Concept

At 1D:0D Our concept is Simple One Dream Zero Distraction Stay focused. Follow your passion. Remember what's important. Always move forward. Giving up is not an option.

1D:0D Mission Statement

To provide Athletes and Entertainers an environment that supports the pursuit of mental, emotional, social, and financial excellence on and off the field or on stage, and to provide Athletes and Entertainers the tools and strategies needed for daily dream growth, goal success, and positive daily achievement in pursuit of their career and life goals.  

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Pinnacle Fastpitch is your #1 Recruiting Service for High School Softball Players
Athlete's Edge is a certified training facility for 1D:0D Athletes. 

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